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Scullomie 29 June 1844

Lot No.1 of Plan 1829, east side of road & farthest north House..
House: a new tenantry one, thatched, clay partition no loft.
Family: Tenant industrious working man - a herring fisher, age about 56 (Hector Mackay 1787-1872), wife (Margaret Mackay 1801-1879), two sons 14 (Hector 1829-1886) and 6 (Robert 1836-1924), four daughters, 19 (Annie 1824-1884), 17 (Barbara 1826-1911), 11 (dumb) (Catherine 1832-1904) and 2 years (Ann 1842-1923).
Lot: about 3 acres and upwards arable in patches and 4.1.2 in pasture with a dyke dividing it from the hill. Little ground trenched since the plan was made in 1829, but a good deal done in draining. Lot not well adapted for additional cultivation. Contains in all p[er] plan a 7.1.34. Rent £5 16s. 2d.
Miscell. none of the family are married and all live at home. The sisters of the tenant are unmarried, the one 62, the other 42 years of age (Janet 1780-1858 and Mary 1794-1876), the eldest infirm and generally confined to bed, consequently on Poors’ Roll.
Stock: 4 cows, 1 stirk, 20 sheep.
(My Reference 386)

Lot No.2 of 1829 Plan. First house on west side of road.
House: a tenantry one, thatched, on old Plan - clay partition.
Lot: No.2 of Plan 1829 3.27 arable and 1.2 in pasture, together 4.29. now fully cultivated and in good order. Rent £6 13s. 2d. Has a small garden.
Family: Tenant 57 years of age (Murdo Mackay 1787-bef.1851), was 12½ years in the 79th, was wounded at Toulouse and has 6d per day of Pension. Not very strong – works occasionally as a labourer. Wife (Ann Mackay 1801-1859) very sickly and now confined to bed. Has six children, all at home, four daughters 20 (unidentified), 18 (Hughina 1826-1898), 11 (Janet 1833-aft.1844) and 6 (Marion 1838-aft.1891), two sons 14 (George 1830-1910) and 8 (Angus 1838-aft.1861). Has also in family his mother (unidentified - not with them in 1841), very infirm and about 86 years of age. She is on the Poors’ Roll.
Stock¨4 cows, 5 sheep.
(My Reference 391)

Second house on west side of road. Lot No.3 of Plan 1829. 2.2.19 arable and -.3.21 in pasture, in all 3.2. Has improved and drained a good deal since 1829. Now in good order and no more land to take in. Rent £4 15s. 11d. Garden.
House A new Tenantry one - thatched - clay partition, lofted over room.
Family - tenant an active young fellow about 31 years of age (Hector Munro 1813-1884), a weaver and herring fisher. Has a wife (Johan Sutherland 1818-1901) and one child of 2 months old (Catherine 1844- m. Murdo McLeod, emigrated to New Zealand). The Mother, a woman of 72 (Margaret Mackay "of Achumore") lives with him and likewise his Brother Hugh, aged 25, who is also a weaver and a fisher (Hugh Munro 1812-1879, m. Johan's sister, Robina Sutherland). Mother on Poors’ Roll.
Stock - 3 cows, 1 stirk, 18 sheep.
(My Reference 412 access Family File)

Third house on west side of road. Lot No.4 on Plan of 1829 Then 2.1.4 arable and -.1.20 of pasture, in all 2.2.4. Nothing additional taken in and but very little more could be done. Has a small garden. Rent £5 1s 3d. Ground good and well sheltered.
House: a new tenantry, occupied by both, one in each end - thatched - just two apartments in all. Part and best end occupied by Hugh.
Family: HUGH about 62 years of age, a weaver and well employed (Hugh Sutherland 1783-1862). A wife (Mary Mackay 1801-bef.1851) and one daughter of 6 years old (Mary 1837-aft.1881). JOHN about 57 years of age (John Sutherland 1794-1871), a labourer and rather delicate was for 5 years in the 93rd Regiment being found unfit for further service. Has a wife (Margaret Mackay 1809-1893) and five boys ages 13, 10, 8, 5 and 3 (Hector 1831 d. Latheron 1888, Angus 1834-1906, Robert 1836 d. NZ, John 1838 d. Loth 1917, Donald 1841-1861, later Hugh 1845 fate unknown, Marion 1847-1899 and Colin 1849-1908).
Stock: 2 cows, 2 stirk, 14 sheep.
[JOHN SUTHERLAND was gr-gr-grandfather of my husband, Murdo Sutherland.
(My Reference 417; Family Memorial Tongue No.54)

Second house from North end on east side of Road. Lot No.5 of Plan 1829. Then 2.2.29 arable, -.1.7 in pasture, in all 3.-.6.  All land below the road, and has drained a great deal since 1829 and trenched a little. Has a little bit of the garden behind Angus Sutherland’s house.
Rent £6 1s. 6d. Nothing more to be taken in.
House: rather a good one and said to have been put into the Melioration Book - divided but not lofted.
Family: Tenant 63, was for two years in the Reay Fencibles, now one of the best weavers in the Country. Has a wife and twelve children - two sons 30 and 25, settled in the South. At home five sons aged 31, 23, 21, 19 and 16, and four daughters, a married one of 29 and three unmarried of 19, and twins of 12. The married daughter who lives in the house with her husband, DONALD SUTHERLAND, has one son of 18 months old. The three eldest sons and the son-in-law are fishers, all active and good labourers.
Stock: 5 cows, 1 stirk, 16 sheep.
(My Reference 429)

Fourth house from east end on west side of road. Lot No.6 on Plan of 1829  Then 2.2.5 arable and 1.3.22 of pasture, together 4.1.27.  A good deal drained and improved since 1829. Nothing more that could be advantageously taken in. Rent £5 4s. 11d. Has a garden.
House - a new tenantry one, thatched, divided but not lofted.
Family - tenant 57 years of age, a labourer. Has a wife (Helen Sutherland),  six sons and two daughters. One daughter married in Eddrachylis and one son to a daughter of GEORGE McKAY McConchy. In this way only at home, five sons 26, 21, 17, 13 and 11. Two of the sons fishers.
Stock: 5 cows, 18 sheep. Gave him permission to put up a shop at east end of house, and dunghill to be shifted to back of house.
[ANGUS SUTHERLAND and his wife, Helen Mackay, were Don Massey's ancestors. As far as we know, the little shop was never built. This house was Murdo and Mary Young’s holiday home for 20+ years.]
(My Reference 316)

Fifth house from east end of road on west side. Lot No.7 of Plan 1829. Then 2.2.0 arable & 1.1.10 arable [sic], in all 3.3.10. A little taken in since 1829 and patches joined together. Nothing more to trench. Altogether much exposed to the blast. Rent £3 19s. 2d.
House: a new tenantry one with 2 apartments by a clay partition. No glass windows - thatched. Old offices near road to be removed to back of dwelling house.
Family: The two brothers live together. ANGUS about 53 and married, a fisher, a wife (Grace Mackay) and four sons and one daughter. Sons 15, 12, 10 and 7; daughter 3 years old. DONALD  (Donald 1795-1888 never married) about 57 and a fisher. Brothers only upon indifferent terms and not getting on very pleasantly in regard to the Rent and produce of the Lot.
Stock: 4 cows, 2 stirks, 7 sheep.
(My Reference 480)

CHARLES MACKAY (Buie) and Mother 
Sixth house from east end, west side of road. Lot No.8 of Plan 1829. Then 2.2.19 arable and 3.1.16 in pasture, In all 5.3.35 acres. Taken in since that time about the 1/8 of an acre. Nothing more could be advantageously trenched except a little bit near the House. Much exposed to the wind, and crop often seriously injured. Has a decent garden.
House: a good new tenantry one – windows – divided - room and passage lofted.
Family: mother and son live in separate apartments. Charles 45 years of age (Charles Mackay 1802-1888) an active fisherman and pilot. Has a wife (Mary Mackay 1816-1898), two sons of 3 years and 18 months, and one daughter of 5 years (William, Sinclair and Mary- five more children to follow). Likewise a daughter of a deceased brother (might be Donald 1816-) of 5 years of age. Charles' daughter is dumb and quite an object. The widow - about 70 and very infirm (Isabella Mackay 1773-1859, widow of William Mackay). Has with her one son, WILLIAM, of 35, and two daughters of 40 (Nancy 1804-) and 24 (Janet 1820-1869 never married); youngest daughter in poor health . Stock: 4 cows, 1 stirk, 14 sheep.
(My Reference 438)

Lot: No.9 of Plan 1829 - Then 1.2.37 in pasture, 7.-.23 - in all 8.3.20 - A small Garden and almost 1/8 of an acre taken in since plan was drawn. Pasture generally rocky, bad, and turfed, and no increase of arable land advisable - Rent £3 12s. 4d. Crop greatly exposed to the blast from the West & N.West.
House: one of the original hovels with byre on end, from which it is not divided.
Family: Tenant, 36, (George Mackay 1808-1888) strong and active - a herring fisher. Has a wife (daughter of JOHN MACKAY, Elder) (Barbara Mackay 1808-1899), and seven bairns - three sons, 11, 4 and 1 year (Angus, Hugh and John) - four daughters, 13, 8, 6 and 3 years of age (Ann 1834-, Jessie 1836- Catherine 1837-, and Johan 1841-).
Stock: 4 cows, 2 stirks, 16 sheep.
(My Reference 342)

Eighth house from east end - west side. Lot No.10 of Plan 1829 - Then 2.2.10 Arable and 4.2.18 of pasture, in all 7.-.28. Only about 16 falls trenched since 1829, and a large garden made. A considerable quantity of land could still be improved, and ought to be done. Rent £5 17s. 1d.
House: a tenantry house, only divided into two apartments and no lofting.
Family: The tenant an old fisherman and pilot of about 80 (George Mackay 1773-1858) - has a wife (Margaret Munro abt.1780-bef.1851 ) and two sons - ROBERT, the eldest, married and has a wife and three children in the house - two boys age 7 and 2, and a daughter 6 months (Robert Mackay m. Henrietta Munro, children Andrew, Daniel and Amelia). George's other son, HECTOR, is about 25 - both of the sons good and active fishermen. Robert only came to live with his father from Hector Munro's [in Scullomie] a few days ago - they think of occupying separate ends.
Stock: 4 cows, 2 stirks, 23 sheep.
(My Reference 492) 

Ninth house from east end - west side.
Lot No.11 of Plan 1829. Then 2.2.2 arable and 1.2.2 pasture, in all 4.0.4. Trenched a garden and a few falls of the land since that time. A little more could still be done, but the ground seems generally hard and bare. Rent £5 0s. 2d.
House: a good tenantry one - divided by clay partition - thatched - ½ windows merely - not lofted.
Family: Tenant 57, a fisherman and labourer, wife (Christina Mackay) and seven children - three sons, 14, 9 and 5, four daughters 17, 12, 3, and ½ years (Elizabeth 1827-, Donald 1829-, Elspeth 1832-, George 1834-, William 1839-, Marion 1841-, Christina 1844-.  I believe this family emigrated to Canada; Christina died as Mrs Mcewan age 87, 9 Oct.1932 at Goderich, Huron, Ontario, Canada.).
Has also a brother (John Mackay 1800-) in the house very scorbutic and unable to work much, about 45 years old - on the Poors’ Roll.
Stock: 2 cows, 1 stirk, 4 sheep.

Tenth house from east end - west side - and the first on the south side. Lot No.12 of Plan 1829.
Lot No.12 of Plan 1829. Then 3.11.11 arable and 2.2.19, in all 5.2.19. Has trenched since that time fully ½ an acre and drained a good deal of the lower part. Another acre or so could be advantageously trenched. Rent £6 4s. -d.
House: a new tenantry one, properly divided, all lofted except over kitchen.
Family: Tenant aged 63, stout and a good labourer - has a wife and son - son has a wife but no family. The son 32 years old and an excellent fisherman.
Stock: 7 cows, 24 sheep.
(My Reference 251; Family Memorial Tongue No.33)

age 67 or 68, was in the army, a useless good for nothing fellow - Lives much among his friends. Is married, has a daughter and two sons married, all of whom have left him. At home a girl about 16 and a son about 19. Another daughter a servant at Skerray. Assisted to live by the family.
House: bad and of dry stones built at the north east corner of HECTOR MACKAY’s Lot – not an inch of land tho’ it is understood he gets at times a little potatoe ground from the neighbours
Stock: 1 cow and 2 sheep.

A pick promised to the tenant who shall trench the greatest quantity of ground before 11th April next, it being always understood that no premium will be given unless the improvement is considered by the Factor worthy of being noticed.

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