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Dalcharn 1844

, First house on east side of Dalcharn.
Lot: the lot lies northward of the house, which has merely a garden at the back of it – No.1 of plan 1829 – Then arable 3.2.8 and in pasture 5.1.9 – together 8.2.17. Has taken in since 1829 fully an acre and a half and drained a great deal – More however could still be trenched, tho’ the ground is wet and mossy – Rent £4 9s. 5d.
House: a pretty good one, chimney in one end with Highland couples – his mother with a daughter occupies one end of the house.
Family: Tenant 35 years old, a dyker and excellent labourer (John Macintosh c.1811-1865), married to the Ground Officer’s daughter (Nancy Mackay 1816-1900) – has three children, a boy aged 18 months (John 1843-), and two girls, one 6 (Jessie 1836-1911) and the other 4 (Catherine 1840-1907)– Has in another end of the house, his mother, a woman of 54 apt to be sickly (Catherine Munro widow of John Macintosh), and her daughter aged 25 (not yet identified). Stock: 4 cows, 8 sheep, 2 ponies.
(My Reference 2895)

, Second tenants house on east side of Dalcharn.
Lot: to the north of the house – No.2 of plan 1829 – Then arable 3.1.9 and in pasture 2.2.0 – in all 5.3.9 – Nearly the whole taken in and very little remains to be done – Has likewise drained a great deal – Rent £6 3s. 9d. – Really a good lot and well attended to – Has likewise dyked and trenched a good garden at the back of his house.
House: a new tenantry one – divided by Boxbeds - lofted over rooms – thatched.
Family: tenant about 74 (Hugh Nicol 1769-1857)– has a wife (Christina Gunn) and two daughters, one  (Marion Nicol 1808-1890) married to WILLIAM REID, Braetongue, and the other (Ann Nicol 1811-1897) to Murdoch MACDONALD, Achneiskich – Has in the house with him two daughters aged 25 (Catherine Nicol c.1818-1897) and 22 (Forbes Nicol c.1821-1891 m. Paul Chisholm), and a son of 20 (unidentified - check 1841 census) – All healthy and active – Constantly working upon their Lot.  Stock: 5 cows, 1 stirk, 22 sheep, 3 ponies.
(My Reference 2698)

, Third tenants house in Dalcharn – First on S.E. side.
Lot in front of House No.3 of plan 1829 – Then arable 3.0.29 and in pasture 2.13.15, in all 6.0.4 – Has taken in one way and another about an acre since 1829 tho’ twice the quantity might still be put under crop. There are however a good many stoney places and the trenching would be expensive – Has likewise drained a good deal in the lower part of the lot. Rent £5 7s. 9d. – Has a garden behind.
House: a new tenantry one – heather thatched – divided into three apartments – lofted - and room floored with wood - room nicely plastered.
Family: tenant a dyker of 55 years of age (George Mackay 1788-1857)– has a wife (Sophia Mackay 1790-1855) and nine children in the house – three sons 28, 18 and 13 (Alexander, William and Hugh), and six daughters 25, 22, 15, 12, 11 and 7 (Annabella, Isabella, Margaret, Neilina, Helen and Elizabeth) – one of the sons – the one of 18 – in rather delicate health (William, assume died bef.1855)– has another son (John 1815-1890), married , who lives with his Father-in-law (Alex Mackay) at Strathan Skerray. The sons, except the eldest who is a mason, all labourers.  Stock; 2 cows, 1 stirk, 18 sheep, 2 ponies.
(My Reference 3546)

Dalcharn No.3

Family: Tenant (Alexander Manson 1808-1860; wife Johan Mackay 1818-1860), 37, good labourer, married twice, three daughters, 7, 4, 2 (Effy, Lexy and Hughina, all by first wife Jane Mackay). Has also in house his mother aged 60 (Sophia/Effy Mackay), a brother of 20 (unidentified) and a brother of 18 (Wilson Manson), likewise his maternal grandmother, a frail woman of about 80 or upwards (iunidentified - check 1841). The mother occupies a separate end of the house. Stock: 4 cows, 16 sheep, 2 ponies.
(My Reference 2764)

(Blandie) (Barbara Macleod), has a bothie in the North east corner of George Mackay’s lot, who is her son – is about 80 and seldom out of bed – is thought to be on the Poors’ Roll. Has a daughter living with her, a healthy woman of 45 or 46 – has a small bit of land from her son.  Stock: 1 cow.
(My Reference 3846)

General [Dalcharn]
Much has been done here since the Lots were laid out, and most of the tenants have great credit for their exertions – Still the land is good – susceptible of more extended cultivation and the trenching etc. should therefore be continued – With a view to this and for the benefit of the tenants, a premium of a pick will be given to the tenant who takes in the greatest quantity of land before the 1st of April next - provided always that the improvement actually made be to such an extent as – in the opinion of the Factor – to deserve such a marked notice.

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