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Tongue Resources - transcripts for family history research

 Modern Map of Tongue Parish

1836-37 Small Tenantry Rental of Tongue
An extract of tenants and place names.

1844-45 Notes of J. Horsburgh on Small Tenants in Tongue
During the summers of 1844 and 1845 John Horsburgh, the Estate Factor, visited tenants in Scullomie, Blandy, Dalcharn, Coldbackie, Rhitongue, Tongue Village, Braetongue and Braekirkiboll. With much help from Malcolm Bangor-Jones, I have transcribed the Factor's book, concentrating on details of interest for family historians: names, relationships and ages. Please contact me if you have inquiries, comments or amendments.

1845 The Condition of the Poor in Tongue Parish
Extracted from "The Times" newspaper articles on "The Condition of the Poor in the Highlands".

1861 Census Places
Enumerators' remarks on the Parish places in 1861.

2004 Tongue Place Names
Drive round the modern parish.

A Page about Moine House

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PDF for Georgina Mackay, Clashbain Skerray (1832-1878)