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In loving memory of JOHN SUTHERLAND, Scullomey, died 18th June 1871 aged 77 years. Also his wife MARGARET SUTHERLAND [Margaret Mackay], died 5th May 1893 aged 84 years. And their family DONALD SUTHERLAND, died January 1854 aged 18 years. [Note: Donald died January 1861] MARION SUTHERLAND, died 28th January 1899 aged 51 years. ANGUS SUTHERLAND, died 16th October 1906 aged 72 years. And HUGHINA MACKAY, wife of Angus Sutherland, died 21st April 1898 aged 70 years. HECTOR SUTHERLAND, died 1900 aged 80 years. COLIN SUTHERLAND, died 1909 aged 58 years. Erected by their son ROBERT.
[added later] MURDO SUTHERLAND, son of Angus Sutherland, died at Scullomey 24th March 1930, aged 64 years. Also his son ANGUS, killed in action at Arras, aged 19 years. ALEXANDERINA MACINTOSH, wife of MURDO SUTHERLAND, died at Scullomey, 4th December 1963, aged 90 years. [Mary Young's note: DONALD SUTHERLAND, brother of Murdo Sutherland, was also buried here in 1942.
Robert Sutherland emigrated to New Zealand about 1863. When he re-visited Scotland (probably c. 1909) to erect this stone, he met his future wife on the voyage. I am unsure whether they married in Scotland or in New Zealand.

St Andrew's Church, Tongue, Sutherland