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My Clubleys

My Clubleys came from Beverley, near Hull in Yorkshire. Bold indicates my direct ancestors. If you have any Clubleys in your family tree, I'd love to hear from you.

1 Thomas Clubley
+ Sarah Willson
(wife's name and 1807 marriage not yet verified)
2 John Clubley b: abt.1816 prob. d: 1qtr/1879 Beverley age 63
+ Mary Wilson b: abt.1825 in North Cave (Father: Roger Wilson) m: 24/9/1848 prob. d:2qtr/1906 age 81
3 Thomas Clubley b: 18/12/1848 in Beverley 
+ Mary Randal b: 1853 (Father: William Randal) m: 6/5/1876 in Stockton
4 Charlotte Annie Clubley b: 23/4/1882 in Lingdale d: 1/4/1942 in Skelton
+ Stephenson Hoggarth b: 16/5/1884 (Father Allin Hoggarth) m: 8/1/1906 in Farnley  d: 1/4/1936
4 Mary Hannah Clubley b: 2qtr/1877
+ John Thomas Bowden b: abt.1879 m: 26/2/1900 in Boosbeck
4 Priscilla Clubley b: 4qtr/1878 in Guisborough
+ Kaye Dyson b: abt.1875 m: 26/2/1900 in Boosbeck
4 Abigail Clubley b: abt.1886 in Beverley d: 15/10/1893 age 7
4 John Thomas Randall Clubley b: 26/3/1898 in Beverley d: 4qtr/1898 age 0yrs
3 Annie Clubley b: abt.1851 in Beverley
4 Thomas Clubley b: 4/11/1868 in Beverley
4 Mary Harriet Clubley b: 4/11/1876 in Beverley
3 Sarah Clubley b: abt.1857 in Beverley