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In affectionate memory of JOHN MACKAY, beloved husband of EMILY MUNRO, Coldbackie, Tongue, died 24th March 1915 in his 66th year. He was for many years a member of Tongue School Board and a Parish and County Councillor, a devoted husband, and a warm hearted friend. Also of his beloved wife EMILY MUNRO, died at Coldbackie, 7th May 1938 in her 84th year. Also of his eldest son ALEX MACKAY 28th February 1931 aged 49 years. And of his wife ELLEN GUNN MITCHELL died at Coldbackie 6th May 1945 aged 61 years.

(Emily Munro was a daughter of HECTOR MUNRO and JOHAN SUTHERLAND, Scullomie)

St Andrew's Church, Tongue, Sutherland