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John Munro & Marion Matheson; John Munro & Annie Munro

23. (left) Erected by John Munro and Mrs Robertson, Lawrence, New Zealand, in memory of their parents, John Munro who died at Dherue 29th January 1867 aged 77 years. Also his wife Marion Matheson who died at Cunside 9th April 1884 aged 77 years.
22. (right) Erected in loving memory of Annie Munro the beloved wife of John Munro who died at Cunside 29 June 1903 aged 65 years.  Also their daughter Annie Munro who died at Dherue 22 June 1867 aged 6 months.  Also the above John Munro who died at Aultinduine, Kinbrace 17th February 1930 aged 96 years.

St Andrew's Church, Tongue, Sutherland