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Hector Gunn Mackay

Sacred to the memory of HECTOR GUNN MACKAY for 27 years teacher in the Free Church schools. He was an office bearer in the church and was much esteemed for his gentle disposition and sterling character. Died at Tongue 19th June 1882 aged 56.
Also of his daughter JESSIE GUNN MACKAY who died 22nd January 1864 aged 4 years.
And his wife CATHERINE MACKAY who died 6th Sept. 1919 aged 91 years.
Also of ANDREW MACKAY died 10th Feb. 1940 aged 75 years. And his son JOHN GEORGE died 15th Oct. 1915 aged 10 years. And his wife GEORGINA DOUGLAS died 20th Dec. 1944 aged 74 years.

St Andrew's Church, Tongue, Sutherland