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Hector Mackay & Margaret Mackay, Strathen Skerray

To the memory of
Strath Skerray, died 19th Feb. 1861 aged 59 years. His spouse MARGARET MACKAY, died 6th Dec. 1890 aged 79 years. Their family, GEORGE and JOHN, died Mar. 1851, aged 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 years. WILLIAM died Nov. 1864 at So. Sutherland aged 26 years. JOHN died at Moffat 18th Mar. 1902 aged 59 years, buried in Edinburgh.
(left face)
Also their daughters. BARBARA, died 24th Oct. 1926 aged 85 years. JANET, died 15th July 1930 aged 95 years. ANNIE died 1926 at Nevada, USA, aged 87 years.
right face:
ROBERTINA, died 6th Nov. 1902 at Burntisland aged 66 years, buried in Edinburgh. JOHN McDONALD died 8th Aug. 1903 aged 49 years.

Torrisdale Cemetery, Skerray, Tongue, Sutherland