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Alexander Mackay, Catechist, Skerray

Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER MACKAY or ALASTAIR BEAG, Skerray, a Nazarite indeed, in whom there was no guile. For many years he discharged with much diligence, humility and faithfulness the duties of elder and catechist in the Free Congregation of Tongue. By his gifts and graces he adorned the doctrine of his Saviour in a pre-eminent degree, was always pleasant and profitable in the society of his numerous Christian friends; and was ever found wise and able and useful when engaged in the sacred and solemn duties of his offices. Born 1801, died 14th March 1883. This stone was erected by his many admirers and friends in the congregation in 1885.

Torrisdale Cemetery, Skerray, Tongue, Sutherland