Photo Editing Software

IrfanView in my opinion, the best viewer available - and it's free!
A Smaller Image is the fastest, easiest, most intuitive way to reduce the size of digital photos.

Digital Photography Help

PhotoShop Elements Movie Tutorials
Jay Arraich's PhotoShop Elements Tips
Kodak Web Site Tips and Demos

Family History Software

Track your family history in LEGACY FAMILY TREEDownload this highly acclaimed, full-featured genealogy program today -
you won't regret it!  Standard Edition is free (no time limit).
LostCousins uses the 1881 census to make connections. Enter your relatives from the 1881 census and the system automatically checks for matches.
Dynamic Family Tree turns your gedcom into a graphical, interactive family tree.

Neat Free Utilities

MOZY on-line backups. Backup 2GB of your vital files FREE.
Virtual Magnifying Glass does what it says on the tin.
ScreenHunter, the best, full-functioned screengrabber.
Watch That Page lets you know when watched pages change.
Tiny URL - cuts those long URLs down to size.