A Good Read on-line

Antiquities and Scenery of the North of Scotland by Rev. Charles Cordiner, 1782

Coldbackie in Decline (Northern Times 1934)

Autobiographical Journal of John Macdonald, Schoolmaster and Soldier, 1770-1830
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The Story of Island Roan, by John George Mackay
Life on the now-deserted island near Skerray.

The Highland Clearances

Statistical Accounts of Scotland, 1790s and 1830s
Scotland through the eyes of the parish ministers.

A Study of the Poor Roll in A Scottish Highland Parish [Kildonan] 1864-1914

Highland Clothes - or - Did an Englishman invent the Kilt?

Reay Fencible Higland Regiment of Foot, or Mackay's Higlanders, 1794-1802,
with an account of its services in Ireland during the rebellion of 1798 (1914)

Memoirs of Tom Barker, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, World War II