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George Mackay from Torrisdale (1850-1926) andJanet Mackay from Melness (1855-1939) grandparents of Georgina (Neen). (photo courtesy of Mary Mackay, Durness)
Inabel, Donny Alick and possibly Maybel's mum, Skerray (photo, Jessie Newlands)
Back left,, Anson Mackay. Front left, Anson's sister Kate Aird and their mother, Annie Mackay, Aird. Can you identify the couple on the right? (photo, Fiona Mackay).
This photo has McKinlay Mackay written on the back. (photo, Fiona Mackay)
Somewhere in Skerray - do you know where, when, and who? (Photo, Fiona Mackay)
About 1934. Front: Annie Mackay, Aird. Back, Annie's daughter Catherine and son-in-law George Mackay. Catherine is holding Annie's grand-daughter Lilian.  (George, son of Andrew Mackay & Margaret Macpherson. Lilian,  daughter of Anson & Lily Mackay)  (photo, Fiona Mackay)
Skerray children, about 1938. Centre front: ANSON MACKAY, Aird, and his sister, LILIAN MACKAY. But who are the others? (photo, Fiona Mackay)
1973. Inauguration of Skerray/Tongue Minibus.  BABE is holding the mailbag, flanked by postman MURDIE MACKAY and Councillor ANSON MACKAY, with CATHIE BARBARA MACKAY behind them. (photo, Fiona Mackay)
Malcolm's uncle, David R. Newlands, 1892-1916, who died in France on war service. (photo, Malcolm Newlands)
Malcolm's father, John D.M. Newlands (1894-??), was badly injured in WWI, but returned to work wiith Edinburgh Police (photo, Malcolm Newlands).
1957, Jess helping Donny Alick shear his sheep (photo, Jessie Newlands)
1957, Malcolm washing his feet at Strathan Bay (photo, Malcolm Newlands).
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