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Thomas Rae and Mary Dolina Mackay, 2nd December 1909 (Glen Rae photo)
William Robert Rae (1880-?), Leith Police (Glen Rae photo)
Thomas Rae & Mary Dolina Mackay (Glen Rae)
Thomas Rae, gamekeeper, Tongue (Glen Rae photo)
John George Rae (photo, Glen Rae)
Bill Pearl (1907-1984) and Johana Mackay (1907-2000) (Glen Rae's photo)
Mary Dolina's brother, Donald Mackay, "The Sub" 1915 (Glen Rae)
Glen's great-aunts, Ina and Joanna Mackay from Glaickbeath (Glen Rae's photo)
George Mackay, Glaickbeath (Titanic, 1912) (Glen Rae's photo)
Bill Rae (1917-1978), Cameron Highlanders. (Glen Rae's photo)
Tom Rae, (1910-??) (Glen Rae's photo)
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