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1907 Elspeth Beatson with parents, James Beatson and Janet Gray, brothers Jim and Bob, and possibly her grandmother, Elizabeth Lawrie (photo, Jim Lewis)..
1915 John Lewis with his wife, Elspeth Mitchell Gray Beatson, married 19th January 1915 (photo, Jim Lewis)
1915 Mary's father, John Lewis, with parents Amelia Dickson Mather and John Lewis (photo, Jim Lewis)
1917 John Lewis with his first wife Elspeth Mitchell Gray Beatson and baby Jack. (photo, Bev Carter)
1917 The Four Johns. Note the cut and paste between baby Jack and his father (photo, Jim Lewis)
1917. John Lewis convalescing from serious war wounds Note photo of his family.  (photo, Bev Carter)
1918 Alice Beatson Lewis with her mother Janet Beatson. The child may be her adopted daughter, Lizzie Morwood, or one of her own children (photo, Jim Lewis)
1918 John Lewis recuperating from severe wounds received in France while on active service. (photo, Jim Lewis)
1919 Jack Lewis with his adopted sister, Lizzie Morwood (photo, Bev Carter)
1924 John Lewis had this Fancy Goods store in Kinghorn, Fife, when he registered James' birth in 1924 (photo, Jim Lewis)
1939 Janet Suttie Gray Lewis (1919-1942). Janet had rheumatic fever as a child, and never fully recovered.
c.1942 John Lewis at the Lady Haig Poppy Factory, Edinburgh. (photo, Mary Young)
1940s Armistice Day in Edinburgh. John Lewis (second from left) representing Lady Haig's Poppy Factory (photo, Mary Young)
1941 Jack Lewis took this photograph of his second wife, Hannah, with his six children plus daughter-in-law Peg and grandson, Ian. The only known photograph of Jack's entire family. (photo, Jim Lewis)
1942 Jack Lewis in flying gear at Newquay (photo, Bev Carter)
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